Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WSND News - December 3, 2009

Episode 6 of WSND News, originally broadcast on December 3, 2009, features John Fetterman, mayor of Braddock, Pa., and nicknamed "The Mayor of Hell" for his work in stabilizing a town that has seen the iron industry leave and take with it jobs and a way of life. More information about his work can be found at 15104. We also talk to Madeline Buckley, news editor for The [Notre Dame-Saint Mary's College] Observer, about their multi-part series about the 10 Notre Dame students suspended for protesting during the height of the Vietnam War and campus activism today. Plus, a special word from station manager Patrick Brown. This is the final broadcast of WSND News for the Fall 2009 semester.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WSND News - November 19, 2009

Inspired by the words of Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the US last year, the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture focused its annual conference on "The Summons of Freedom: Virtue, Sacrifice, and the Common Good." In Episode 5, WSND News features some of the speakers from the conference, including Michael Novak, Rick Garnett, Alice von Hildebrand, and Frank Beckwith, and talks to them about a wide array of topics.